Tuesday, January 31, 2023
HomelatestCBN’s Anti-BJP Tweets Going Viral On National Media

CBN’s Anti-BJP Tweets Going Viral On National Media

The TDP National Chief Chandrababu Naidu is not leaving any opportunity to slam the BJP. Out of the blue, he made some shell shocking tweets which are targeted at his new rival BJP. Let us see his tweets in brief.Post his split from the NDA alliance, Chandrababu Naidu decided to become the Kingmaker in the 2019 Parliament elections. On a mission of wiping out BJP from the State and Centre, this senior most Politician is indirectly praising anti-Modi groups. In one of his latest tweets, CBN stated that the Governor’s office has been utilized by the Central Government for its Political gains and this has to be ended.

Everyone knows that he is pointing out BJP superiors who are using the Governor’s official webpage as their Party’s promotion. If this is not enough, in his later tweet CBN indirectly supported the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal who has been fighting with the Modi Government since ages. Babu opined that he and his party are expressing Solidarity to the Delhi Government ( Arvind Kejriwal’s Government) elected by the people of Delhi. In this tweet, Babu dared to declare that he is for to Anti Modi parties and against the BJP and its allies. These tweets have become popular among the leading National channels such that they telecast his tweets every now and then.

The TDP Chief is getting more mileage willingly or unwillingly.Meanwhile, the AP BJP leaders continue their complaints on the Yellow Camp. They declare that AP is in a bad phase only because of Babu’s monopolistic ruling. They still claim that their Party Supreme Amit Shah and PM Modi are well determined to help the Andhra Pradesh by fulfilling its promises.

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