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HomelatestCBN Still Craving For The Special Package:

CBN Still Craving For The Special Package:

Chandrababu Naidu Talks About Special Category Status

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The AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is trying to manipulate the minds of AP people with his new tactics. MP in his cadre, J.C Diwakar’s recent interview explains everything.JC Diwakar Reddy who is known for his controversial comments. Every now and then, he gives away interviews to remind the Telugu people that he is still active in Politics. JC after shifting from Congress to TDP maintained his mark style by not caring his Chief CBN’s orders. Even in the recent interview,

JC expressed that Special Category Status is not a big deal and it can be equaled to Special Status. Not stopping there, this Anantapur MP claimed that his head CBN asked some of his MPs including him to make all the leaders understand the importance of Special Package and all the benefits of it. JC went further and declared that MPs of YSRCP are doing nonsense by doing fasting until death.

According to JC’s words, it is very much clear that their CBN is very keen on getting the Special Package rather than Status. In the past, CBN almost convinced the entire AP about the Package but the sudden increase of SCG demand made him fight against the Centre for it. Let us wait and see if people of AP take CBN’s strategies for granted or continue their fight for the Status. For now, TDP has completely failed to get either Status or additional incentives to the State which has no permanent capital.

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