Tuesday, October 19, 2021
HomelatestIts No More TDP But Its Brand New CBN’s TDP 2.0

Its No More TDP But Its Brand New CBN’s TDP 2.0

The TDP National head Chandrababu Naidu is re-writing the history of Telugu Desam Party with his recent moves. For the first time in his Political career, he has teamed up with his arch-rival party All India Congress for strong reasons.

Rahul post their meeting have participatedBabu’s meeting with the AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi has now become the talking point of Indian Politics. Termed as the strongest Political force, this combo is all set to launch the Political war on the BJP led NDA Government for the upcoming polls of Lok Sabha. In his recent meet, CBN himself declared that the Indian Politics will witness the brand new party of TDP 2.0 which has a new vision with a special slogan of Self Respect of Telugu people. Babu praised Rahul’s leadership and declared that the latter’s maturity levels have increased phenomenally.

Naming this union as the Federal front,

Naming this union as the Federal front, Babu backed his move by stating this act as a much-needed move to save AP along with the strong reason for Saving Democracy claim. Seems Babu want to make his name as strong as for late NTR in the history books of TDP to engrave his name on the TDP version 2.0. Babu is no more interested in becoming PM of India as his sole strategy is dethroning Modi from the chair to save AP from the backstabbing of the Saffron Party.

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