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No Interest On CM Post In Telangana: CBN

The TDP Supreme Chandrababu Naidu made startling comments in his recent speech regarding the CM post amidst the commencement of snap polls. Countering the ruling party TRS’s claims on the T-TDP, CBN cleared the air by his targets of snap polls.Addressing the gathering at the Rajendranagar Public meeting, CBN quashed the rumours of TRS leaders regarding his hopes on CM post. He quoted that T-TDP which has 15 seats in 2014 is just contesting in 13 seats as a part of Prajakutami and how can it grab the CM seat. He declared that T-TDP will only support the Congress and the CM Candidate will only be from the TPCC at any cost.

CBN, however, backed his act of supporting his longtime rival party by stating that he is sacrificing seats only to save Telanganites from the bad ruling of TRS party and to save democracy of India at the center by building a big anti-Modi alliance. He slammed the Indian Prime Minister for backstabbing the two Telugu States by not sanctioning all the promises of AP-Telangana bifurcation.As usual, this speech too received thunder response from the crowds. Political analysts opine that CBN indeed saved his T-TDP which is on ventilation in Telangana by joining hands with Congress. If not by the support of Prajakutami, T-TDP can hardly get 5-8 seats according to the surveys.

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