Tuesday, July 27, 2021
HomelatestThe Future Decision Of TRS Is To Politically Trouble CBN..???

The Future Decision Of TRS Is To Politically Trouble CBN..???

As the judgment day is not far away, all the political parties in Telangana are intensifying their political campaigns with sharp comments and allegations. The Pink Party seems to be losing their cool as the elections are approaching. We have seen in what way the caretaker chief minister of Telangana KCR has spoken while addressing the public meeting a day back. In fact, most of the people are of the opinion that KCR who is touted to be very tough and stubborn is feeling the heat of the grand alliance Mahakutami.

Now KTR, the son of KCR has joined the list. KTR is one of the most dynamic leaders of TRS who has won the hearts of the youth and educated for his utmost commitment towards his work and especially the way he talks without losing his balance. But he has surprised many with his latest attack on CBN. KTR has directly threatened CBN that his party will intervene in A.P politics and trouble him politically in the coming future.

KTR who has such a vast knowledge and exposure also has a good following in A.P among the youth. It would have definitely sounded better if he had said that he and his party would teach a lesson to TDP by developing A.P more than Telangana. KTR also stated that KCR knows how to give back to Naidu in the correct time. For TRS, it seems like their political aspects and agenda are more important than people. Might be Telangana or Andhra, all the politicians have to know that it’s not they who are losing but the common man.

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