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HomelatestChandrababu’s master strategy to leave BJP!

Chandrababu’s master strategy to leave BJP!

Chandrababu’s master strategy to leave BJP!

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The alliance between BJP and TDP is along far-gone affair. After the 2014 elections, BJP’s behavior towards TDP was shocking. BJP leaders at the center tried their best to even stop the prestigious Polavaram Project. With widespread protests within against the BJP, Chandrababu is gearing up for his master sketch.

Generally, when Chandrababu Naidu aims to seek the public support whenever he takes a decision on a critical aspect. Initially, an article about the particular issue is published in Andhra Jyothi newspaper. Chandrababu responds to it. Chandrababu then implements his decision after taking a note of public reaction.


Andhra Jyothi published an article that, ‘there is a possibility to grant Andhra Pradesh Special Status’. This article has grabbed the eye of many readers and political analysts. Even Chandrababu Naidu indirectly encouraged to protest in New Delhi for ‘Special Status’ rather than protesting in Hyderabad or Andhra Pradesh.tdp-and-bjp

In his Assembly speech, Chandrababu said,’ I had no other option except to agree to Special Package. The Centre has stated that Special Status can’t be granted to any other state’.

It clearly looks like, Chandrababu has started making his moves to break the TDP-BJP alliance and go into the 2019 AP Assembly elections all alone.  

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