ChatGPT for Android is now available for download.


ChatGPT for Android can now be downloaded

OpenAI has recently made its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, available for download on Android devices in several countries, including the US, India, Bangladesh, and Brazil. The company plans to expand the rollout to more countries in the coming week. ChatGPT for Android syncs users’ chat history across devices and incorporates the latest model improvements from OpenAI.

chatgpt for android is now available for download.
OpenAI also introduced a new feature called ‘customized instructions

With ChatGPT, users can receive instant answers, personalized advice, creative ideas, and more. OpenAI also introduced a new feature called ‘customized instructions’ for ChatGPT, allowing users to provide specific instructions to the chatbot for future conversations. Currently available in Beta for Plus users, this feature will be rolled out to all users soon. Users can edit or delete their custom instructions at any time, and these instructions won’t be shared with others who view shared links.

To access the ‘customized instructions’ feature on iOS, users can go to ChatGPT Account Settings > Custom Instructions. On the web, they need to click on their name, select ‘Custom Instructions,’ enter instructions into the fields, and save them.

OpenAI has been actively improving the ChatGPT application, including adding Bing integration for Plus plan users and enhancing the history search function in a previous update.


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