Pawan Is a Rare Piece With ‘Ethics & Values’ In ‘Cinema & Politics’


Pawan Is an Unique Piece With ‘ethics & principles’ in ‘film & politics’

Pawan Kalyan, a prominent figure in both Andhra Pradesh politics and the film industry, is widely known for his candidness and frankness. Despite his significant influence in both realms, he has always prioritized his passion for cinema and the love he shares with his devoted fan base. Recently, during the pre-release event of his movie “BRO,” Pawan Kalyan delivered a speech that showcased his integrity and humility.Unlike many others who might seize the opportunity to gain political mileage during a public event, Pawan Kalyan consciously chose not to mix politics and cinema on the stage.

pawan is a rare piece with 'ethics & values' in 'cinema & politics'
the pre-release event of his movie “BRO,” Pawan Kalyan delivered a speech

He refrained from exploiting the event for political gains, surprising and earning admiration from many.During his speech, Kalyan made an earnest appeal to his fans to refrain from shouting “CM” slogans. Despite being hailed by his supporters as a potential Chief Minister, he humbly reminded them that the event was meant to celebrate his movie and asked them to respect the occasion accordingly.In a noteworthy display of humility, Pawan Kalyan openly acknowledged his limitations compared to other actors in the industry.

He admitted that he may not possess the same dancing skills as Ram Charan and Jr NTR or portray powerful characters like Prabhas. Instead of boasting about his own achievements, he celebrated the success of other actors and appreciated their contributions to cinema.Furthermore, Pawan Kalyan addressed a recent controversy in the Tamil film industry concerning the restriction of actors from other regions.

In an industry where the boundaries between politics and cinema often blur, Pawan Kalyan stands out as an individual who remains true to his art and public service. His approach serves as an inspiration for many, leaving a positive impact on his fans and admirers.It remains to be seen whether PK’s genuine and principled stance will leave a lasting impression in the upcoming Andhra Pradesh general elections.


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