Chi La Sow Movie Review & Rating


Cast: Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Rahul Ramakrishnan, Anu Hassan and Rohini and Others
Director: Rahul Ravindran
Banner: Siruni Cine Corporation and Annapurna Studios
Producer: Jaswanth Nadipalli and Nagarjuna Akkineni
Music: Prashanth R Vihari
Cinematography – M. Sukumar
Editor- Chota K Prasad

Chi La Sow Movie Review, Story Analysis & Artists Performance:

The movie ‘Andala Rakshasi’ fame Rahul Ravindran makes his directorial debut with this film. Sushanth releases a film after two years. Ruhani Sharma’s debut film and chance to prove herself. Although, Nagarjuna once again turns as Producer for his nephew and put faith in this film. ‘Chi La Sow’ film… These all have hope on it. Today it is released and review is waiting…

Movie Plot:

Who is ‘Chi La Sow’…? We know that Bride is called ‘Chi La Sow’. Now in this movie bride is Anjali (Ruhani Sharma). Anjali is a very responsible girl and after her father died, she takes responsibility for her mother. Her mother is not a healthy person, because of this reason Anjali’s all marriage matches go cancel. So, her mother wants to see her marriage and Anjali agrees again to a match. Here the match with Arjun(Sushanth). Arjun is a Lord Hanuman devotee and Hero Salman fan because they both are bachelors. So, he always rejects his marriage proposals and creates a headache for his mother. His mother always tries to convince him and finally, she arranges a meeting with Anjali.


Unexpectedly, Arjun falls in love with her. Now, how the meet influences them..? How Arjun falls in love suddenly..? What are the situations of Anjali and finally they got married or not..? These are wheels of the story to run the movie. So, watch it on the big screen to catch the experience.


Simple and fresh touch. Director Rahul made it in an excellent way with a simple line. The conveying the story and proper clean screenplay are big advantageous points in the movie. Although, Without any commercial feats and without any typical logic and the magic, the film goes in a smooth way. Director uses only common emotions and situations of people to make the audience feel them. The concept of the film is somewhat new and made it with a realistic approach. The first half goes in a decent way and grips the key point. At the interval, it turns to the emotional side and it is a very cool interval bang.

Chi-La-Sow Story

In the second half, the movie goes into some serious mood with the heroine’s version and again it settles well. The love story with romantic scenes never elevate the tiny mistakes and this play proves it. Here, romantic means not so deep, just how we feel a girl or boy with pretty conversion in a sensible manner with love. This type of scenes in the gives 100% romantic feeling. As Director, Rahul Ravindran will get more compliments than as a hero/actor. Finally, the movie is a Very Fresh Romantic Touch with a Lovely screenplay.


Come to the performances, Sushanth gave the best performance in his career. He performed very well and this film stands as his best. Really, Rahul brings out Sushanth’s acting skills. Frankly, Ruhani Sharma makes it superb with her performance. Undoubtedly, she has done a great job and in some scenes, she dominated the hero. She is looking so beautiful without any extra makeup and a very natural screen presence. She will definitely get opportunities in the future. Although, Chinmayi voice is a double advantage to her role and it remains Jessy. And, Remaining all actors made justice for their roles. Although, Vennela Kishore and Rahul Ramakrishna’s comedy scenes are plus points for the film.

Truly, Prashanth R Vihari’s music is awesome and the Background music amazingly elevates the scenes. And, M.Sukumar’s cinematography is very good and the frame settings too good. Finally, the movie is 100% youthful entertainer at the same time very very comfortable to watch with family also. This romantic meeting drama gives minimum guaranty. To feel it, you can watch it and if you watch it, you may love it.

Plus points – All performances, Screenplay, Music, Taking, Comedy tracks and cinematography

Telugu Bullet Rating – 3.25/5

Telugu Bullet Line‘Chi La Sow’… It is a LOVELY MAGIC…


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