‘Chi La Sow’ Rouhani’s Magic….

'Chi La Sow' Rouhani's Magic

Sometimes, no need much time to get opportunities. Some heroines grow step by step as both performances wise and chances-wise. But, few heroines grow up with just one movie by their looks or performance. So, here ‘Chi La Sow’ film heroine Ruhani Sharma has gotten by just with trailer. She looks amazing and natural as a girl next door. Her dialogue deliveries and expressions in the trailer make fans to her.

According to the sources, two well-known heroes have messaged her and given chances in their next films. And the other directors also have approached her. She makes her debut with this film. She is a Punjabi model and she has worked for a Tamil movie recently. If she gets hit by this film her future will be gone on a good track. Fortunately, she makes magic with just trailer and after film release, her complete version will be revealed. Let us see what will happen to this beauty’s career…


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