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China Babu Movie Review & China Babu Telugu Movie Rating

Casting:   Karthi, Sathyaraj, Sayesha, Priya Bhavani, Banupriya etc.

Music:  D.Imman

Producer: Suriya, Miriyala Ravinder Reddy

Story-Screenplay-Direction: Pandiraj


Karthi is one Tamil actor who has a market in the Telugu states on par to the local heroes. With the stories and concepts he comes up with, he got many fans in Tollywood. All his movies have parallel Telugu release along with the Tamil version. Such hero has come up with the flick Chinna Babu. Touted to be a complete rural-based family entertainer, this flick got the hype due to the fact that superstar Suriya produced this flick. Amidst all these expectations, Chinna Babu released today. Let us see how this flick was received by the Telugu audience.


Penugonda Rudraraju ( Sathyaraj ) is a local rich landlord. As his first wife Madhavi bears a girl child, he married his sister-in-law Bhargavi ( Bhanupriya ) for a male child in order to extend his family name. After having five baby girls, Madhavi gives birth to Karthi. Due to the fact that he is the only boy child in the family, he is pampered by all. Despite having a rich life, Karthi utilizes his family’s money to have organic farming and becomes his village’s favorite.

However, two daughters of Rudraraju want their daughters to get married to Karthi but Karthi falls in love with Neraja  ( Sayesha ) resulting in family’s internal wars. At the same time, Karthi fights with Neraja’s brother in law Surendra Raju ( Satru ) and gets him arrested for his illegal activities. In this situation, did the hero Karthi makes all his entire family agrees to his marriage with Neeraja or not. One has to watch the movie to find out the answers.


Many flicks came in the same concept of joint family entertainers. Makers often believe that a family-based drama if mixed with some comedy will give them sure success. Chinna Babu falls into the same category. But the scene in which Karthi elevates the greatness of a farmer stands as the main highlight of this flick. The director touched different aspects of the joint family such that marrying the sister’s daughter or rejecting a marriage proposal within the family etc. however, the increase of Tamil nativity is a big minus to the Telugu audiences. even though the director missed some logic in case of hero not knowing heroine since childhood despite living in a small village, his narration is quite good. Editing should have been better as we can see Tamil boards in Telugu version.

Coming to the performance of the actors, Suriya did his best as a young farmer. Sathyaraj appeared elegant but his dubbing voice could have been better. Some comedians went a step further such that it became over parody irking the plot of the movie. Songs are ok but the background score stood brilliantly. Fights are of top-notch and acted as a savior to the flick. Vel’s Cinematography is at his best as he showcased village’s beauty in his frame. The movie would have had performed will if it gets released for Sankranthi or Dussehra.

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Chinna Babu with a Big heart.

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.75/ 5

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