Chiru Suggestion..Will Pawan Consider?

Chiranjeevi suggestion to Pawan Kalyan

Chiranjeevi suggestion to pawan kalyan

We all know that Power star Pawan Kalyan is into politics. The news also broke out saying Pawan will no longer be in movies and is completely moving to politics. For this reason he is slowly getting far from movies. Many pawan fans reacted on this issue feeling sad about pawan leaving movies. Even Chiranjeevi suggestion to Pawan Kalyan on this issue.

He asks Pawan Kalyan not to completely leave movies rather he asks Pawan to simultanuously manage them. Chiranjeevi suggests him to manage both politics and movies. He furthermore, says he knew how he suffered leaving movies and going to politics. He asks pawan to make a brilliant choice dividing his prorities. It is yet to see, if Pawan Kalyan considers Chiranjeevi suggestion. Pawan Kalyan is currently working for his movie under Trivikram’s direction. After this film he finalizes his movie with director Srinivas.

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