Did The Media Trouble Akhilesh Yadav In Front Of KCR?

CM KCR And Akhilesh Yadav Interact With Media

CM KCR And Akhilesh Yadav Interact With Media

Posted May 3, 2018, 5:32 pm at 17:32
The TRS Chief KCR has been busy attending a series of press conferences along with the potential future partners of Federal Front. In one of his recent press meets, he was seen uncomfortable for obvious reasons.KCR who decided to pump up his actions in strengthening the Third Front under his leadership is inviting anti-Modi leaders across the Nation. The other day, he has met the youngest CM of India Akhilesh Yadav and discussed possible alliances. After their long meet, they have attended a press conference for which KCR is regretting attending.

Media in Telangana usually doesn’t irk TRS intentionally but in the happened to meet, they have faced the stern of KCR indirectly. When KCR allowed media to ask some questions to him and Akhilesh, they dared to ask if the BSP and SP camps are ready to join hands with Congress party like in the past. Even though the clever CM Yadav managed to get away from their questions, one can clearly see the uncomfortable face of KCR and his son KTR as well.

It is a known thing that Congress Party which is the Opposition of Telangana is a rival party to the TRS. Moreover, the arch-rival Revanth Reddy still exist in Telangana Congress Fort which is irking KCR to the core.Overall, two things stood as a highlight of the press conference. Number one being the speculation of including Congress into the Front and Press of Telangana is behaving with more guts towards TRS Government than the past. We have to wait and see how KCR and his camp starts their next big move in National Politics.

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