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Trending Video Of The Day: Allu Arjun Cap Tricks

Allu Arjun Cap Tricks Like A Fighter In NPS

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Allu Arjun is known for his style statement and hard work. Blessed to be born in Mega and Allu families, he got his own fan base with his talent and dedication. We have seen many directors praising Bunny’s hard work in many instances. Directors like Puri Jagannath went further and declared that he wants his son to be raised like Allu Arjun. Such hero’s dedication is once again surfaced with the release of Naa Peru Surya’s new promotional video.The moment the song, Atta Sudake video promo has been released on the big screen in the Pre-release event of Naa Peru Surya. Apart from Bunny’s swag, his new cool dance moves using cap caught the attention. He was seen flipping, rotating and throwing cap tricks which added more swag to his style.

Not one thought that these tricks are real and they are the work of Special Effects. But the director Vakkantam Vamsi declared on stage that these tricks are completely real and have nothing to do with graphics. To support his claims, Vamsi released a making video of this song yesterday on Youtube. With the name Bunny’s cap tricks practice, the video grabbed the eyeballs of viewers instantly.

Allu Arjun was seen practicing the same tricks he used in the video song for two hours a day continuously for two months in order to get perfection. That is the reason, this hero ended up creating a huge market across South India. His hard work is paying huge craze for this special song in the flick.The choreographer stated that despite going for special effects, Bunny took the decision of mastering them and he okayed the first short when they actually canned the song. Now all are curious to see this song on the silver screen. This action drama is releasing worldwide with huge expectations.

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