KCR warning to PM Modi!


CM KCR warning to PM Modi

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Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao sent warning bells to PM Narendra Modi. Speaking at the farmers meet, addressing thousands of farmers, the Telangana CM said, ‘Apart from telling cock-and-bull stories, both BJP and Congress are nowhere concerned about the people of the nation or the problems of farmers, in particular.

This is the main reason for the rise in intolerance in the country. The farmer’s revolution will soon come in the country. If required, the Telangana Farmer Coordination Committee will head the ‘Farmer’s Revolution Movement’ in the nation.’

Further addressing the gathering, KCR said, ‘PM Modi doesn’t have guts to announce minimum purchase price for the yield. He cannot even announce an exclusive budget for farmers and agriculture in of Rs. 1 Lakh – 2 Lakh Crores.

The whole nation should be shaken from its core. Farmers need to come together and fight for their rights. The problems faced by farmers are a result of 70 years rule by both Congress and BJP. I requested Narendra Modi more than 20 times to make Agriculture as a part of the National Employment scheme. The same has been repeatedly shared with Cabinet Ministers too. Instead of resolving and identifying measure and ways to protect farmers, the ministers started giving lengthy lectures’.

After TDP, it looks like TRS too is making life difficult for NDA coalition at the centre.

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