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Dubai Police strengthened their investigation on Sridevi’s death:

Dubai Police Investigation On Sridevi’s Death

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The sudden demise of evergreen beauty Sri Devi has left the entire nation of India in awe shock. However, the Policemen and Government of UAE are not leaving anything to uncover the actual reason for death.

Sri Devi who had been to the country of UAE to attend her nephew’s marriage had breathed her last unexpectedly two days back. Soon after her death, Police of Dubai started its investigation to find out the reason for death as the demised person is a National Celebrity in India. After conducting primary investigation and Autopsy, the Forensic Department of Dubai stated that she died of drowning in her hotel room’s bathtub. On the other hand, her husband Boney Kapoor was grilled all the night of Sridevi’s death by Policemen and left him as unaccused. But the autopsy reports stated that she has Alcohol traces in her blood stating that she drowned over consumption of alcohol in the party.

Not satisfied with reports the Government of Dubai has transferred the case to Public Prosecutor to have a final conclusion to close the case. After a deep inquiry by Indian National media, it came to know that the Public Prosecutor is looking forward to conducting second round of Autopsy if possible by taking necessary permission. Along with Dubai, the whole India is curious to know the actual reason of this angel’s death. Boney Kapoor claimed that there is nothing mysterious about her death and she just died of drowning. He expressed his agony of losing his beloved wife forever.

During all this process, the family of Sridevi who is in grieve shock expressing their sadness over Dubai Police. Because they are still keeping Sridevi’s corpse with them without conducting necessary after death rituals. Hope the Policemen uncover all the facts and hand over her body to India as soon as possible.

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