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HomelatestCM Palanisamy Revenge on Star Heroes

CM Palanisamy Revenge on Star Heroes

CM Palanisamy Grudge on Star Heroes

CM Palanisamy Grudge on Star Heroes: In Tamilnadu, Cinema and Politics will be friends because maximum CM’s are from the film industry. But cinema awards was stopped from 2009 in this Cine, Politics friendly state. With this Palanisamy responded and at a time he declared all the awards.

The film industry is happy with the awards announcement. But none of the Star heroes got the awards which became fuzz. The awards gave for only up coming heroes. While the awards are not declared for none of the Star heroes. As some, the actors said that they got invited and made insulted. So they walk out.

But CM Palanisamy is satisfied to take revenge on them. Chennai talks that as the CM Palanisamy remembered all the Star heroes who supported Selva and targeted in the Jallikattu moment. Naturally, the government won’t target the popular film actors. But how come CM take off his grudge by giving awards…?

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