CM Ramesh Vs GVL Fight Became The Talking Point


The two Rajya Sabha MPs who belong to two rival parties showcased their worst behaviour on a live TV debate. Despite being the educated leaders, these two set an example of how an MP shouldn’t behave. It all happened when the pro TDP channel ABN organized a live debate between TDP MP CM Ramesh and BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao.

 TDP MP CM Ramesh

GVL is known for his mudslinging programme on TDP and its leaders continued his attack by alleging TDP Government that it is accepting bribes from IT companies which are set up in the state. For this, the ex-Minister Ramesh responded quite harshly and declared that no MNC company would offer bribes and these allegations by GVL is a coming out of jealousy and BJP is unable to digest the development of AP.

BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao

This debate saw a new low in the recent history of political fights when CM Ramesh lost his temper due to GVL’s baseless allegations and called the BJP MP as Ambothu ( Bull ). Not stopping there, he declared that GVL is a set up by his BJP bigwigs in Delhi upon TDP. responding to Ramesh’s harsh comments, GVL too called Ramesh as Ambothu who is eating all the funds of AP. During this fight, that so-called host cum MD of that pro TDP channel only helped to ignite the fight in spite of halting it. This is the condition of the current Political scenario of our State.


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