CM Ramesh’s one-man show in Parliament

CM Ramesh’s one-man show in Parliament

The former Central Minister from TDP, CM Ramesh has given an electrifying speech in the Rajya Sabha today regarding the AP Reorganisation Act debate. Highlights of his speech as follows:

After the speeches of TDP MPs Galla Jayadev, Kesineni Srinivas and Naidu in the Lok Sabha, it is CM Ramesh’s turn to question the Central Government. The Rajya Sabha house conducted a short time debate on the AP Reorganisation Act implementation bill in the house. CM Ramesh stole the show in the house today with his well-prepared speech. Attacking the BJP with his very first point, he directly questioned the BJP head to show him any proofs of 14th Finance Commission opposing Special Status to the AP. declaring that BJP has completely ditched AP, Ramesh claimed that AP has every right to get the Status along with all the promised incentives.

Not stopping there, this ex-Central Cabinet Minister lashed out at the Indian Prime Minister for calling his Supreme CBN as Unmatured the other day. He reminded the fact that CBN became CM even before than Modi in the past and he has the capacity to do anything with his vast experience and seniority. Ramesh declared that Modi is quite afraid of Naidu as the latter would unite all the Opposition parties against BJP in the future. To reduce the mileage of CBN, Ramesh claimed that Modi is targeting CBN for no reason.


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