Coimbatore corporation mulls robotic utility vehicle to clear clogged stormwater drains


The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) was mulling the possibility of using a robotic utility vehicle for clearing the water-clogged storm water drains and the Underground drainage during the monsoon.

A presentation was given by a private robotic utility company before the CCMC officials, including the commissioner, M. Prathap, and Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Sharmila to this effect. The corporation will be conducting a feasibility study to buy an all-in-one sewer utility vehicle to desilt the canals, clear the clogged storm water drains and clean the Under Ground Drains (UGD) across the corporation areas.

The Robotic all-in-one utility vehicle can clear the clogged stormwater drains, clean the sewage channels, and can suck out water from the subways. However, the corporation is mulling over the idea as one such all-in-one sewer utility vehicle will cost around Rs 98 lakh.

“The cost of the vehicle is drawing us back as we don’t have that kind of funds. However we are trying some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds and if that gets through, we will immediately put an order for purchasing this utility vehicle. We are convinced of the service that this vehicle can render, but as I said earlier, the cost is withholding us from giving an affirmation.”

Coimbatore Corporation has been under harsh criticism over the inundation of the subways and railway underpasses during the monsoon making it impossible for passersby to walk over the streets. Clogged storm water drains are another issue faced by the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation and hence the idea of a robotic utility vehicle has been going rounds.

With the northwest monsoon expected to lash Tamil Nadu by the end of September, the Corporation has little time left for buying the utility vehicle.


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