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Homelatest‘Fake – Condoms’ Industry in Guntur | Selling them at 60% discount

‘Fake – Condoms’ Industry in Guntur | Selling them at 60% discount

Condoms Industry in Guntur 

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Guntur is famous for its mouth-watering pickles all over India. NRI families from the Telugu states and nearby states send ‘Guntur pickles’ to their family members living in the US and other foreign countries. In recent times, Guntur is famous in many other aspects too.

One of them is the ‘pseudo industry’. Right from daily commodities to groceries, everything in Guntur is adulterated. Things have become so worse that, social organizations announced special rewards to fin ‘unadulterated commodity’ in the open market.

The ‘pseudo industry’ is even ruining the ‘sexual life’ of the people. According to close sources, it is found out that 10 – 15 families have started a ‘fake – condoms’ cottage industry in Autonagar, Sriram Nagar in Narasaraopeta and Kota Centre.

These families are manufacturing fake condoms, and are releasing them in the open market under the name of prominent brands. ‘These people are selling these fake condoms in the boxes of well-known manufacturers. They erase the manufactured and expiry date using spirit, and rubber stamp new dates. These people give a commission of 60% to the medical shops, for selling this fake – stuff,’ said a local.

Many doctors have expressed that using these can lead to serious health-related issues.

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