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HomelatestCongress and Hardik Patel’s PAAS clash!

Congress and Hardik Patel’s PAAS clash!

Congress and Hardik Patel’s PAAS clash!

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Everything seemed perfect between the Indian National Congress and Hardik Patel until the very last minute. Both the parties seemed like they have come to a common point. But the clash erupted at the last minute late into the night after Congress party has announced a list of 77 candidates including 2 candidates from Hardik Patel’s PAAS (Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti).

The clash took place at the office of Praful Togadia, Congress candidate from Patel dominated constituency of Varchcha Road in Surat. PAAS party members stated that ‘Congress declared the list the candidates even without consulting our core committee.’ Initially, according to an agreement with Congress, PAAS was to contest in 5 seats.

It was thought that Hardik Patel would be officially announcing the alliance of PAAS and Congress on Monday when the CM would be filing his nomination papers. With the widespread protests within PAAS, one has to wait and see whether Hardik would officially announce the alliance or not.

Meanwhile, Hardik scaled down to his demand of 7 to 9 assembly seats, after Congress leaders had a hard-bargaining session with him. It is heard that Congress raised about the alleged sex scandal tapes of Hardik.

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