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HomelatestHe said Sonia was Zero. Now he says, Rahul is Hero!

He said Sonia was Zero. Now he says, Rahul is Hero!

He said Sonia was Zero. Now he says, Rahul is Hero!

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It is very common that politicians often change parties and words according to their needs. It looks like NCP founder, Sharad Pawar also belong to the same race. When he was a part of the Congress Party, Pawar has often criticized Sonia Gandhi stating that she is a rookie in politics, and doesn’t lack any leadership qualities. It was also heard that he made these comments hoping that he can become the Prime Minister given the circumstances that prevailed at that time.

Interestingly, even after he founded his own party, Pawar’s NCP is one among the allies of INC, that supported the UPA government at the center for 10 years. Everyone felt that NCP’s inclusion in UPA was because of party’s principles.


Recently, Pawan stated that ‘Even the PM Modi is intimidated by Rahul Gandhi’s increasing image across the nation’. Even now Rahul Gandhi is considered as a rookie in politics. He is known for his faults both in his speeches and acts. The political analysts are in awe after failing to understand the ulterior motives of Pawar, after terming Rahul Gandhi as ‘Hero’. No wonder the politics are a different ball game. One wonders how can Sonia be a zero, while Rahul Gandhi becomes a hero?

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