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HomelatestThat Voice Is Chandrababu’s Only – Congress Leader C Ramachandraiah

That Voice Is Chandrababu’s Only – Congress Leader C Ramachandraiah

Congress Leader Ramachandraiah Talks About Chandra Babu 

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Congress party senior leader C Ramachandrayya responded on the vote-for-note case, as the issue picked up the pace in the media, post the review by Telangana CM KCR. ‘The forensic lab report has already confirmed that it is Chandrababu Naidu’s voice on the phone call. It is time for Chandrababu to quit the Chief Minister post respectfully. They have been committed ruthless crimes and offenses for the past four years. What is the use of doing rallies now?

Until now, 3000 sexually abused cases against women were registered in the state. What did the government do in all these cases? I demand that the government should release a whitepaper on the progress of the cases. While Chandrababu himself is giving protection to the criminals, who will trust him if he says that he will provide safety and security to women?

The rally he conducted yesterday is by the government? Or the TDP party? If it is by the AP State Government, then why didn’t they invite the opposition parties? He did not even arrest anyone in the call money case too’, said Ramachandrayya.

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