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Coronavirus: Mass Cancellation Of Hotel Bookings In Kerala, Says Minister

A time after the Kerala government announced the unique coronavirus as a “state distress”, Tourism Minister Kadakampally Surendran today stated the disease explosion had started hitting the tourism area as hotel bookings have experienced bulk abandonment.

After the Nipah infection and destructive floods, the coronavirus brawl has also negatively influenced the holiday business as hotel bookings during the February-March months have been canceled extensively over the state, he stated in the state Assembly during the topic hour.

Three students, including a woman, from the state who studied at Wuhan University in China, had tested accurately for the virus.

The negative propaganda during the time of Nipah had cost the tourism industry dearly, the minister noted.

Mr. Surendran said The identical point is occurring now as articles of Coronavirus revolution grew up. This time, the influence is more critical… As soon as the stories came, all the hotel bookings for February-March months, which were all packed, have been withdrawn.

Compelling media to exercise self-restraint through the time of disasters and keep themselves away from fear-mongering, the minister stated going up upon issues exceeding relationship was mostly affecting the tourism industry.

he added there is no doubt that we should be vigilant. But, there is no need to create scare among the public.

the minister added a total of 8.19 lakh tourists had visited the southern state, popularly known as the “God’s Own Country”, in 9 months in 2019, which was 10.96 lakh in 2018.

India proclaimed a third coronavirus case on Monday with different Keralite students from Wuhan in China proving accurate for the disease.

Health Minister KK Shailaja stated that the government had determined to maintain the disease as a state calamity.

The movement was to take all required measures to assure that the outbreak is completely managed, she stated.

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