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Couple sold drugs using drones in South California, US

Couple sold drugs using drones in South California, US

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Police authorities have arrested a couple in Southern California, the United States using a drone to deliver illegal drugs to their customers.Benjamin Baldassarre and Ashley Carroll, of Riverside, were charged yesterday with possessing controlled substances for sale and child endangerment. It is still not clear if they have attorneys to speak on their behalf for the charges. They were arrested on a complaint given by neighbors suspected they were selling drugs.

Authorities allege that drone had delivered the drugs to customers at a nearby parking lot, to which the customers would drive by the couple’s home and throw their payments on the lawn.They also claimed to have found syringes and drugs that are believed to include methamphetamine, LSD-laced candy, and powdered fentanyl.

Along with three counts of possession of controlled substances for sale, the pair is slated to make an initial joint court appearance this afternoon at the Riverside Hall of Justice. Both are being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

The couple’s nine-year-old daughter was removed from the residence, unharmed, and kept under the care of the Riverside County Child Protective Services agents, who eventually released her to her mother, Railsback said.According to the court records, they both have a history of convictions for driving under influence of drugs and also charged in an unresolved drug-related case, records showed.

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