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Mass Execution carried out in North Africa

Mass Execution carried out in North Africa

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Egyptian courts have sentenced hundreds to death over the unrest since the military expelled disruptive Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in 2013.The authorities of Egypt on Tuesday have executed over 15 prisoners who were convicted of attacks on security forces in the restless Sinai Peninsula, Police Officials said.

The men were hanged in two separate jails, where they had been held since military courts sentenced them for the attacks in Sinai. The Jihadists are conducting a revolt, the officials said.It was the largest mass execution that was carried out in the North African country since six convicted Jihadists were hanged in 2015. These hangings came a week later after the Islamic State group attacked a helicopter with an anti-tank missile at a North Sinai airport as the country’s defense and interior ministers were visiting.

Even though the ministers were unhurt in the attack, an aide to the defense minister was killed along with the pilot. IS’s Egypt associate has killed hundreds of soldiers and policemen in the attacks in Sinai region and did not even leave the civilians in the mainland.The courts in Egypt have sentenced hundreds to death over unrest, but most defendants have appealed and won retrials.

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