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Covid-19 vaccination dry run conducted successfully in Raj

The second dry run of Covid-19 vaccination was successfully conducted in Rajasthan on Friday.

State Health Minister Raghu Sharma said that a mock drill of Covid-19 vaccination involving 2,550 health workers was carried out on Friday by setting up 102 vaccination centers in all the districts of the state.

During the exercise, information was provided regarding the possible adverse effects that the beneficiaries could witness after the Covid-19 vaccination and about the necessary protocols.

Sharma said that this was the second dry run of Covid-19 vaccination. In the first round, a mock drill was conducted for 424 corona warriors at 18 centers in 7 districts of the state on January 2. He said that during both these dry runs, vaccination management was done taking all precautions and by following the scientific protocols.

He said that Friday’s mock drill was conducted by creating three categories of vaccine centers in each district. A total of 102 vaccine centers were set up in the medical colleges and district hospitals as part of the first category; CHCs, PHCs, and urban dispensaries were part of the second category, while private medical institutions formed the third category. A target of 25 vaccinations was fixed for each center.

State Health Secretary Siddharth Mahajan inspected the dry run by visiting the vaccine centers in Jaipur and other districts. Other senior health officials under the leadership of the district collectors monitored the dry run and gave necessary directions.

Explaining the process, Sharma said that first of all, a model vaccination room and monitoring room were set up for the beneficiary following which rehearsal of administering the vaccine was done. The vaccination officers verified the identity documents and then gave entry to the beneficiary.

The beneficiary was then sent to the vaccination room after certifying on the COVID-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network (CoWIN) software, where the vaccinator completed the vaccination process (demo) and made entry on the CoWIN portal about administering the vaccine to the beneficiary.

Sharma said that the beneficiary was kept in the monitoring room for 30 minutes under the observation of the vaccination officer. During the process of dry run, the time taken to vaccinate one beneficiary and making entry on the CoWIN software was assessed and the process of running the software was checked.

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