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Dandupalyam 2 Movie Telugu Bullet Review

Dandupalyam 2 Movie Telugu Bullet Review

Actors: Pooja Gandhi, Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Kale, P Ravi Shankar, Shruthi, Sanjjanaa, Kari Subbu, Tabla Nani, Petrol Prasanna, Avinash
Director: Srinivas Raj
Producer: Venkat
Music Director: Arjun Janya

Dandupalyam first part is done with 3 crores budget and had collected 40 crores.  the second part Dandupalyam 2 movie is done with the same expectations. In the first part, the director showed how the Dandupalyam gang attacks people and kill them. Moreover, shows the ways how police try to catch the Dandupalyam gang. The movie expected to be up to Kannada only but got blockbuster hits in Telugu and Tamil industries. Let’s see Dandupalyam 2 reached up to the expectations achieved for part one in the review.

Dandupalyam 2 Story:

The Dandupalyam gang got hanging punishment who are responsible for the deaths of many people. A journalist tries to help the Dandupalyam gang to get out of hanging punishment. Police officers increase their grudge by watching this journalist work. He tries to make a week point out and tries to prove the Dandupalyam gang as innocent. However, The officers will trouble the Dandupalyam gang who were in jail. Finally, The story is all about the Dandupalyam gang in these consequences.

Dandupalyam 2 Analysis:

Dandupalya 2 director Srinivas Raju tried the best time be away from the cinematic views. With actors, technicians talent he has been careful without defect. The director made a good effort to run the movie for part 3 with Dandupalya gang jail life and a good explanation about soulful, socialize reasons behind their harassment. Whereas, Pooja Gandhi, Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Kale, Ravi Shankar, Sruthi, Sanjana and much more did a wonderful job to increase the effect of the scene. The director Srinivas Raju touched all the elements of the darkness in the crime life within 1 hour 45 minutes. But the movie became dull because of the extension to the part 3 without correct climax. But there is a new point in this movie that they brought the social aspects of this crime based story.

Dandupalyam 2 Plus Points:
Actors talent
Social analysis

Dandupalyamm 2 Minus Points:
lack of dramatization
more concentration on the third part

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Dandupalyam 2 is the trail run for the third part.
Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.75/5

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