Dark secrets behind Viveka’s murder

YS Vivekananda Reddy Passses Away
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The brutal murder of YS Vivekananda Reddy shook the AP Politics and the case is now in progress. The Special Investigation Team who are hunting for clues has got some stunning piece of information to share with the Public.

This natural death claimed murder came into existence when Viveka’s close associate gave a written complaint to the Police. His nephew Jagan asked for a third party to investigate the murder but the State Government arranged a SIT to recover the secret motives behind this murder. Police have been questioning each and every member associated with Viveka both Politically and Financially without leaving anything.

Viveka’s close associates Gangi Reddy and Krishna Reddy disclosed that Viveka did have some issues with some people regarding some properties in Bangalore and they hired contract killers to end the victim. His ardent follower Parameswar Reddy who is still in Police custody declared that the culprits are no one but the insiders of Viveka’s life and family.

With these clues, SIT is probing deep down into everything Viveka owns in his life to recover more and more secrets regarding this murder. They hope to solve this case on or before the elections of AP and YSRCP leaders are in a quite tensed state as this case results might show its influence on elections.


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