Darsakudu Movie Telugu Bullet Review

Darsakudu Movie Telugu Bullet Review

Darsakudu Movie Telugu Bullet Review

 Actors: Ashok Bandreddi, Pujita Ponnada, Eesha Rebba
Music director: Sai Karthik
Director: Jakka Hari Prasad
Producer: Sukumar
Sukumar started his journey as a producer with Kumar 21f movie with a low budget. Another movie which is coming under Sukumar production is Darsakudu movie. The movie is just to encourage the new talent around him and just give a chance to prove them. Darshakudu movie introduces director Jakka Hari Prasad and hero Ashok to the big screen to prove their talents. let’s see Darsakudu movie review to know how audience been impressed or not.

Darsakudu Story:

The story of a young man who is passionate to become a director is the movie Darshakudu. There are many twists in the journey. Whereas, a beauiful girl make his journey towards her love. How th eperson crosses all the hurdles in his journey to become a director is the main theme of the story Darshakudu.


Mahesh’s career begins as a light boy. With the love on movies he goes he goes into the direction department. He wants to become a director and tries to impress a producer with his story. The directors who listened to the story gave suggetsions that if the love track in the story improves then he will get a movie chance. However, Mahesh, who is not in love, is in love with a girl and wants to use the experiences for the film. But by knowing the truth she hates him. In this situation, how did Mahesh become director, and does he make her love or not?


Making love in between cinema and direction is a good point. However, the new point selected by the director Zakka Hariprasad missed the opportunity to show well. with a poor screenplay despite the good sequences surrounding the scene. Ashok, who introduced as the hero, is a cousin to Sukumar. This guy seems to be good in his role and female lead Esha did well. The directorial error has led the whole movie to the wrong direction.

Plus Points:
Main Points in story
Hero, Heroine

Minus Points:

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Darshakudu failed
Telugu Bullet Rating: 2/5


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