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Deadly Explosion Kills 235 in North Sinai, Mosque- Egypt

Deadly Explosion Kills 235 in North Sinai, Mosque- Egypt

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In an explosion, that killed 235 worshippers and injuring more than 109 struck a mosque in Egypt’s northern Sinai on Friday. This incident happened right after the Friday prayers in the al-Rawda village, west of El- Arish.

News, reports showed, right after the explosion, at least four gunmen in four off-road vehicles opened fire at the worshippers praying in the Mosque.

Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al –Sisi declared three days mourning period and pledged to ‘respond with brutal force’. It was a black day in Egypt on Friday when the country witnessed the deadliest attack in recent history. The President chaired an emergency meeting with officials to review the situation after the deadly explosion.

So far no one or group claimed any responsibility for the deadly assault. The military came into action and have launched security campaigns in the area, few suspects have been arrested. Houses belonging to terrorists have been demolished, which included those enabling tunnels that lead to the Gaza Strip.

Egypt, this year had been experiencing a series of terror attacks which claimed lots of lives.

In the meantime, US President Donald Trump condemned the attack as “horrible and cowardly”. Also, Prime Minister Narendra Modi too condemned the attack and extended his deep condolences at the loss of so many innocent lives, and India stands with the people and government of Egypt.

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