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Man found hanging on the wall of Nahar Fort in Jaipur over ‘Padmavathi’ film’s release

Man found hanging on the wall of Nahar Fort in Jaipur 

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The protests against the release of ‘Padmavathi’ film have completely taken a drastic turn. Non-Ahimsa protests have taken the face of violence in the past few days. According to the latest report, a man’s body was found hanging on the wall of the Nahar Fort in Jaipur. A suicide note is also found near the dead body.

It is written, ‘We are not going to behead anyone. Instead, we give up our lives’. Many people have expressed suspicion over the death of the man. The local police are investigating the case from different angles. It is rumoured that someone might have actually killed the person and hanged him on the wall of the Nahar Fort.

If it is found that the death of the man is a suicide and not homicide, it could build serious tensions which might eventually trigger widespread riots and violence.

Clarifying on this incident, the Rajput Karni Sena issued a statement. ‘We are nowhere related to this incident. We can only express our deep condolences to the family of the deceased’, read a press note from the Karni Sena.

The security near the residences of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika Padukone has been beefed up.

The UK Film Board issued the film a certificate for its release in Britain without any cuts. The production unit is planning to release the film in the UK on December 1st. The production unit has not announced any release date of ‘Padmavathi’ in India after its initial release date, 1st December was postponed.

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