Definitely You should Watch This Trailer – “Pihu” #Scariest Ever



A 2-year-old girl. Home alone. What could go wrong? Every parent’s worst nightmare… Based on an unbelievably true story, here’s the PihuTrailer. Pihu is the second feature film of Kapri, who made his debut with Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho (2015). When Kapri first met Myra at a gathering, she was three months shy of two. The journalist-turned-filmmaker was moved by a real-life incident and wanted to show the perils of modern living through the story of a small child.


“For me, it was love at first sight. I knew this is the kid I was looking for to play my protagonist. Next day, I discussed the plan with her parents, Prerna Sharma and Rohit Vishwakarma, who gave their consent,” says Kapri. The film took another six months to start rolling as Kapri had production-related issues, such as budget and sets, to sort out.


He would visit Myra, who is fondly called Pihu, every other day to spend time with her. Although he had a ready script, he started to tweak it, based on her behavioral patterns. He approached a number of production houses but no one was convinced. “Most of them questioned me how am I going to hold the attention of the audience for 100 minutes with only one actor, who is a child? I was worried over the delay as the girl was growing up. I wanted to make the film with her before she turned three,” he says.


Finally, Kapri’s friend Kishen Kumar came on board as a producer. Myra was two-year-six-month-old at the time. With a budget of Rs 45 lakh, they started shooting the film. When Kumar succumbed to a cardiac arrest later, Kapri had to again seek help for the film’s post-production.


Pihu Awards:

Pihu has been widely appreciated in International film festivals such as Vancouver International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival (California), Fajr International Film Festival (Tehran) and Indian Film festival (Stuttgart). Moreover, it was the Opening Film Of 48th International Film Festival of India (IFFI),2017. It soon became the talk of the town that how a 100-minute film cast only one character that too a two-year-old girl. Finally, it is coming on November 16th.


Pihu Trailer – Too scary:

Writer & Director:  Vinod Kapri
Producers: Ronnie Screwvala, Siddharth Roy Kapur & Shilpa Jindal
Cast: Myra Vishwakarma, Prerna Sharma
Co-Producers: Sakshi Joshi, Shalini Bindra, Prashant Sarin
Associate Director: Ambujeshwar Pandey
Editor: Irene Dhar Malik, Sheeba Sehgal & Archit D Rastogi
Cinematography: Yogesh Jaini
Music: Vishal Khurana
Production Designer: Ashim Chakraborty
Costume Stylist & Make-up Artist: Prerna Sharma & Sonia Saini


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