Devil To Play A Key Role In Vijay’s Taxiwala

Vijay will face due to the devil

The youth icon Vijay Deverakonda’s latest flick Taxiwala theatrical trailer has been unveiled on the pre-release function and to speak open it has surprised many. The trailer has disclosed the main plot of the film where a devil will play the most crucial part in the life of Vijay in the film.

Vijay will face due to the devil

The whole film turns around the car and the devil inside it. What consequences Vijay will face due to the devil has to be witnessed on the big screen. This film which in the horror genre is blended with rich emotions and comedy. Though this film is carrying a low buzz, the theatrical trailer has garnered the attention of the audience.

This film which also imbibes a heart-touching love story is slated for the grand release on November 17th. The trailer which was cut has given a good lift to the film by fetching positive vibes before the release. Rahul Sankrityan wields the megaphone for this film.


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