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Dhanaraj Line Cleared With Sampu Exit

Dhanaraj line Cleared after Exit of Sampoornesh Babu in Big Boss Show

Dhanaraj line Cleared after Exit of Sampoornesh Babu in Big Boss Show: Sampoornesh Babu suddenly went off from the ‘Big Boss’ show. As he can’t live in between the four walls and he is ready to face any legal action. So finally he’s out of the ‘Big Boss’ house. There is no doubt that beyond all the 13 celebrities in the ‘Big Boss’ house Sampu has much craze. So after Sampu, now in the ‘Big Boss’ house, Jabardasth Dhanaraj got the craze. Everyone thought that at the season starting Sampoornesh Babu and Dhanaraj will have a tight competition. With the Sampu exit from the house, Dhanaraj line got cleared.

Presently Dhanaraj is attracting the house members and the even audience too. Dhanaraj is convincing the members of the house who are fighting with each other without being on either side of any member. And even getting appreciation with his cooking skills. Even audience encouragement is with him, so there are many chances of Dhanaraj going into the finals. So, after Dhanaraj, Shiva Balaji is taking the place. As he is not involving in any other members and doing his own work. He is working hard by helping in household works. So everyone is thinking that even Shiva Balaji will be in finals. The ‘Big Boss’ show will continue for 2 months. Let’s see who will be in finals.

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