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SIT Shocking Questions To Charmi

SIT Officers asked Shocking Questions to Charmi

Posted Yesterday at 13:33

SIT Officers asked Shocking Questions to Charmi: As it is known that, today the heroine Charmi is to be present before the SIT about the Drugs case. Charmi has not even convicted by the High Court to escape the interrogation. Today Charmi has been presented before the interrogation officers after the high court asked her to appear to the interrogation. They did not send the personal lawyer as she asked. But she got investigated with a woman officer as per her wish.

Charmi speaks to Kelvin several times in the past and even she had been chatted. They kept the details of the calls and chatting in front of her to salvage their doubts. They asked her that ‘being a friend to Puri what is her opinion on the accusation of Puri taking drugs. And she is accused of many time brought drugs from Goa and abroad. What is the answer she wants to give on this…? What are the reasons she gives that she did not take the drugs’ as SIT officers filled her with all these questions. Today the interrogation may hold until 5 pm to Charmi. There are chances if she gives the opportunity to take samples for the drug test. The film industry is expecting to get many interesting things from Charmi interrogation.

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