Wednesday, November 30, 2022
HomelatestDhanush Apologises TV9

Dhanush Apologises TV9

Dhanush Apologises TV9

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Dhanush Apologises TV9: Tamil star hero recently announced the release of ‘VIP 2’. in a recent TV interview with TV9 he lost his control by throwing the mike and left the place. Dhanush suddenly got angry with the arrival of the Sucileaks. He showed his intolerance on the anchor by leaving the show. If his behavior would be in another way it would be different.He was feeling sorry for what he had done to the Telugu media.

Dhanush said he should not have done that. If there was a little bit of comfort in that moment then this discussion would not have happened. But he could not think of that at that moment. After that, Dhanush apologized to the TV 9 and the anchor. That’s why they did not make that issue much more serious. Recently Dhanush himself did not have to do that, he regretted and made comments.

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