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The producer says ‘you can pirate my film….’

Director Mohan Raja Requested Tamilrockers Not To Leak Velaikaran Film

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Piracy has become a major problem in Indian film industry. Irrespective of the film, and film industry, one can find the pirated version of the movie on online within a day or two.

Leave alone small-budget films, even with films with 100+ crore budgets have been the victims of piracy despite many precautionary measures. Due to piracy, the Indian film industry loses thousands of crores annually.

A website called ‘Tamil Rockers’ is known for releasing a pirated copy of a film within two days of its release. In a shocking video, a producer says, he is ok if his film is pirated. But he is only requesting to delay the piracy of his film. The producer is reportedly RD Raja who has produced the film ‘Velaikkaran’ recently.

During a press meet, the producer literally begged to stop the piracy of his film. During his addressing, he made some shocking statements. In a that went viral, the producer said ‘I cannot stop piracy. No anyone in this industry can. We don’t know who is illegally recording the movie. So I kindly request the Tamil Rockers website and other online sites not to pirate my movie. Don’t pirate the film immediately. Do delay the process.’

This clearly shows the current situation of the film producers. No wonder they are scared to hell of piracy.

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