Wednesday, August 10, 2022
HomelatestKKR is the most corrupted politician in the country says DMVP

KKR is the most corrupted politician in the country says DMVP

TDP MLC    has breathed fire on the former chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy on the grand re-entry to Congress.

Kiran Kumar Reddy has a good name for his loyalty towards Congress party. But at the time of bifurcation, Kiran Kumar Reddy is one of the few persons who has opposed the decision of the high command (UPA)very strongly. He even resigned to the party and has floated a new party named Jai Samaikyandhra Party. After losing the elections, he has stayed away from active politics for nearly 4 years.

He has made his comeback into Congress on the advice and pressure of the senior leaders and this has welcomed some new allegations from other party leaders. The ruling party MLC Dokka Manikya Vara Prasad has alleged that Kiran has done a corruption of nearly 10000 crores during the time of bifurcation. DMVP has been the minister at that time in Congress and he stated very clearly that he even has the proofs regarding that to a media channel in the recent interview.

Dokka also mentioned that he has complained about this to the Governor but to his surprise, the Governor has responded stating that the corruption of 3000 crores has been done but not 10000 crores. Dokka opined that Kiran is the richest chief minister and the most corrupt politician in the country. He also made it clear that he will disclose all the letters sent to the Governor and the high command regarding the corruption of former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Have to wait and see how Kiran Kumar Reddy responds on these allegations made by the TDP MLC DMVP.

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