Donald Trump Honors India

Donald Trump Honors India

Donald Trump Honors India

Posted December 19, 2017, 7:03 pm at 19:03

It is known as the land of opportunities, but after Donald Trump took charges as the President of US, things have changed and they have been tightening screws on migrations to their country. This definitely made an impact on Indians with dollar dreams. US authorities are often coming up with new changes of rules in visa policies and American President is always sending fears across the Indian society who are working in the IT sector with his statements.

For a while, let us keep aside the H1B visa and migrations. The US President recently came up with a good news for India. He gave a speech on America’s National Security Policy where he announced that though Russia and China are rival powers he said that America must attempt to build a great partnership with them.

Regarding its approach towards India, US is all praises for the nation and the way it is developing on the international scene. US strategic document revealed that has all plans to build a strong, strategic defense partnership with India. Donald Trump said, that India used to be a balancing power which changed to leading power, thanks to PM Narendra Modi. Their documents revealed their cooperation to countries Japan, India, and Australia.

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