Dorasani : a heart touching trailer.

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Dorasani a film which introduces Vijay Deverakonda’s brother Anand Deverakonda as the hero, Rajasekhar’s daughter Sivamthika as the female lead.
The film is being presented by D. Suresh Babu, head of Suresh Productions.
Mathura Sridhar Reddy and Yash Rangini have jointly produced on Bigben Cinemas banners.
Dorasani is based on a real love story of the 80s in Telangana, directed by KVR Mahendra,.
Dorasani is releasing on the 12th of this month. This is the director’s first film. The film’s teaser has already been released.
The teaser received mixed reviews from the audience. But watching the trailer released today will only interest everyone in the film.
Dialogues in Telangana slang, Dorasni gives Anand a glass of water
The highlight of the trailer is Anand asks shall I drink then Dorasani grab his cheek and kissed him immediately.
The hero of the movie will go to jail according to the trailer.
During his time in prison, he is clinging to an activist.
Death is also a victory in the movement, the hero says my love is also a movement. All in all, the trailer looks like a hit movie.


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