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HomelatestElection commission suspends 20 MLAs from that Party!

Election commission suspends 20 MLAs from that Party!

Election commission suspends 20 MLAs from that Party!

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The Election Commission of India, ECI shocked the Aam Admi Party and its founder Aravind Kejriwal. It sent a recommendation to the President of India to disqualify 20 MLAs from the AAP party. Consequently, the AAP’s strength of 67 comes down to 47 in the Delhi Assembly. The decision came after the Election Commission was convinced that few AAP MLAs were holding ‘office of profit’.

In 2015 a 30-year-old lawyer, Prashant Patel filed an application to ECI. In the application, Prashant alleged that few AAP MLAs are holding parliamentary secretary positions. Additionally, Prashant Patel requested ECI to disqualify them on the grounds of ‘holding the office of profit’. 

The Congress party also has filed another petition with the ECI correspondingly to Prashant Patel’s application. In short, Congress sought disqualification of 21 legislative members from the AAP party (Delhi Assembly). 

Trying to bring legality to the appointments, the Delhi Government under Arvind Kejriwal passed an amendment to the Delhi Legislative Assembly Act 1997, to remove the posts of parliamentary secretary from the definition of ‘holding the office of profit’. But then President of India, Pranab Mukherjee declined its approval.

In the light of the EC’s decision, the BJP and Congress have called for an immediate resignation of Arvind Kejriwal as the Chief Minister of Delhi.

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