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HomelatestCM Chandrababu: No Hike In Power Tariff

CM Chandrababu: No Hike In Power Tariff

Electricity charges will not increase by AP CM Chandrababu

Electricity charges will not increase by AP CM Chandrababu: At the time of joint Andhra Pradesh, people faced many problems with electricity in CM Chandrababu administration. And for agriculture, there is no need to talk. Even he increased the electricity bill which changed the TDP future. For this, they lost in 2004 elections, after being as opposition for 10 years. Again Chandrababu became CM for Navyandhra and bought new lights to the state.

Now, even for rural areas in AP have 24 hours electricity. Even for agriculture, electricity is given in required times. So there is no problem for electricity in AP. But the rumors are raising that in future electricity bill can increase but CM Chandrababu gave the clarification that no electricity charges increase. The CM made a review with the power department officials in the Amaravathi Secretariat. He suggests that the cost should reduce by gaining electricity with less cost. The CM orders that services should take out from the sourcing system and divide the customers into different categories to serve. Thermal power production should gradually reduce and produce the large quantities of reproductive electricity. Finally, CM gave a good news to the people who are worrying about the increase of electricity bill.

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