Elon Musk on Donald Trump’s mugshot post on X: “Next level”


Elon Musk commented on Donald Trump publishing his mugshot on social media

On Friday, Elon Musk described Donald Trump‘s posting of his mugshot on social media as “Next level” The former US President, who had been arrested in the Georgia elections case, shared his mugshot on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday

elon musk on donald trump's mugshot post on x: "next level"
Musk, who commented on it as “next-level.”

Trump, a member of the Republican Party, also shared the same image on Truth Social, with both posts containing the phrases “election interference” and “never surrender.” The former President’s post on X was reposted by Musk, who commented on it as “next-level.”

This happened after the Fulton County Jail released a mugshot photo of Trump, which quickly gained widespread attention on the internet.


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