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HomelatestEntire China under India’s Nuclear Strike Zone – Agni V missile

Entire China under India’s Nuclear Strike Zone – Agni V missile

Entire China under India’s Nuclear Strike Zone  

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From the past few decades, the India – China relations have been worsening. Irrespective of the rulers in China, and PMs in India, there hasn’t been any great development. Due to poor decision-making, India had seen a defeat in the 1962 Sino-Indo war (India – China war). Under the leadership of PM Modi, the Indian army is being offensive when required. The stand-off situation at Doklam last year is a clear example of India’s stance against China.

Meanwhile, China has evolved into a technologically advanced nation. Be it in the fields of artificial intelligence, engineering, medical or Rocketry. Chinese have way ahead than India in these fields. The DRDO scientists have finally made inroads in developing India’s first ICBM – Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, Agni V Missile.

The Indian forces have successfully tested the Agni V missile from Balasore Test Range Centre, Odisha. Agni V has a range of 5000+km and is capable of carrying nuclear arsenal. The Agni V Missile unique feature comes with its mobility and precision. The launching system can be swiftly transported across the nation. Its deadly precision comes in handy while targeting bunkers and destroying ammunition of the enemy during war situations. This gives India the ability to strike the heart of China (with a nuke), if necessary.

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