Monday, September 20, 2021
HomelatestKiran Kumar Reddy’s special advice to Rahul Gandhi

Kiran Kumar Reddy’s special advice to Rahul Gandhi

With less than just one year to the D-Day of AP, the Indian National Congress Party is preparing its strategies to revive the party in AP at any cost. Latest update from Rahul’s camp reveals a shocking piece of news regarding its future course of action in AP.

Both Sonia Gandhi and her son cum future heir of Congress Rahul Gandhi are repenting for their actions before four years which resulted in a whitewash of their party from AP. They bifurcated the United AP opposing the wishes of seniormost party leaders and ex-CM Kiran Kumar Reddy. If we can recollect, it is Kiran who urged his high command not to bifurcate so that they can vanish from the two States. But Sonia didn’t take Kiran’s words into account and did what is best at that time. From zero seats to a double-digit figure, Rahul is desperate to strengthen the party in AP using the senior leaders. After contacting Kiran Kumar Reddy and asked him to join back, The last CM of United Andhra refused to join but offered his service to the Congress Chief.

Kiran Kumar Reddy who is moving far from the Politics agreed to work as the National advisor to Congress. He is speculated to be asked Rahul to take on YSRCP rather than on TDP. According to Kiran, it was YSRCP which lured many Congress leaders into the party and moreover, YSRCP seems the bigger threat to Congress than TDP in 2019 elections. We have to wait and see his advice work for the betterment of Congress or worsen it.

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