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Facebook’s Workplace brings new features on its platform

Enterprise social platform Workplace from Facebook on Wednesday said that it has brought in a number of user-friendly updates to enable faster connectivity, accessibility, and better post creation to further ease user experience.

The workplace has kept its commitment to updating and introducing varied employee engagement tool kits on a monthly basis, the platform said in a statement.

As part of its latest updates, Workplace’s ‘Dark Mode’ changes the background from white to black.

Even for iOS users, the platform will respect the dark mode setting of your mobile phone. If the user’s device is set to Dark Mode, the Workplace Chat iOS app will automatically be set to Dark Mode too.

In addition to Dark Mode, the platform also plans to introduce improved focus management, easier keyboard navigation, and support for screen readers.

The initiation of new features like ‘Areas’ — mapping to customize the experience with frontline workers into groups based on criteria such as geography, department — will aid and empower managers their team’s access to Workplace and enable custom pop-up notices based on the area.

Also, the unique video conferencing feature at Workplace ensures live editing which can be customized by adding filters, especially for virtual events.

“The latest updates will enable better user access especially with the new dark mode which was conceptualized to help minimize screen glare, especially for use in low light conditions,” Abhijit Sonagara, Founder, Digital Marketing Company — Adosphere, said in a statement.

The Diversity & Inclusion feature will help companies build an inclusive Workplace community through groups, surveys among other features.

Earlier in September, Workplace introduced a series of updates for employees working from the dwellings to upgrade themselves for communication, community building, recognition, and transparency.

It also initiated the Live Town Hall guide which would enable companies to host events especially in the times of remote working which would keep them connected with the top executives and policies of the company.

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