Fans Comments On Allari Naresh

Fans Comments Allari Naresh

Fans Comments Allari Naresh

At the begging of Allari Naresh Career he made a mark among the audience as a gurantee hero in industry. But, due to some reasons, Naresh isn’t doing well with his movies since 3 to 4years. Recently Allari Naresh is back with his latest film Meda Meedha Abbayi. He expects this film to entertain audience and get back to form again with this film. Hence, he struggled hard for the movie as well as for the promotions. But, Unfortunately the movie didn’t turn well. The audience say, Allari Naresh is going on the same routine movie which isn’t entertaining at all. Fans Comments Allari Naresh to better go to direction.

As even this film of Alari Naresh is a flop, everyone suggests him to go into direction as his father. Previously many times, he revealed about his interest of directing film like his father, But later he made it clear saying he has so much time to direct film. With Mda Meedha Abbayi flop we have to see if Naresh shifts to Direction or still continue his trails on his movies.

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