Film Exhibitors coming with Bumper offer for Movie Lovers!!

Film Exhibitors coming with Bumper offer for Movie Lovers

Film Exhibitors coming with Bumper offer for Movie Lovers

Posted December 28, 2017, 3:57 pm at 15:57 

They are coming collectively with an interesting proposal. Who are they? What is their proposal? They are none other than the film exhibitors. Now, what is the proposal they are talking about? They are planning to introduce a movie pass. They want to provide a new experience for those coming to watch the movies. Hence they are planning to introduce movie pass in two different categories like individual pass and family pass. The main reason to implement this new proposal is due gradual decrease in the foot-falls to the theaters.

The exhibitors are keeping the future in mind and have taken this decision. To keep their business running in the success they are trying all methods. Due to this, they have come with a plan that is introducing monthly passes between a price ranging between 500 and 800 rupees. The people who purchase the pass will get the access to watch many movies on all the days.

The exhibitor’s council is very serious about this and is planning to implement this in both the Telugu states. They plan to share the profits between the distributors and exhibitors. Suresh Babu Daggubati is understood to be the mastermind behind this plan. 

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